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GROP training and additional services


Group training (10 to 20 people)

Level 1 training (full day)

This training session is for people familiar with Holland personality types but with little or no experience with the GROP.


  • Brief overview of the GROP
  • Basic personality types
  • T scores and percentiles
  • Bipolar scales
  • General profile analysis


Level 2 training (full day)

This training session is for people familiar with the GROP3 (latest edition) and looking to improve their interpretation skills.


  • Review of T scores and percentiles
  • A closer look at the bipolar scales
  • Combining two sections for a better interpretation
  • Detailed profile analysis


Training session fees:

Full day: starting at $130 per person*

* Additional travel fees apply when training is outside the region of Québec.
  Taxes are extra where applicable.


Tailored training sessions (private, semi-private, or group)

Length: According to the needs of the person or group.

Sample content: Introduction to the GROP test, skill perfecting, clinical supervision for GROP test interpretation, a closer look at the bipolar scales, etc.

Cost: Please contact us for an estimate.


Additional services

Interpretation and supervision by telephone: $90/hour *

* Taxes are extra where applicable.